Nollon OPzV / OPzS series are designed for renewable energy applications, such as Solar / Wind power. Our OPzV batteries are characterised by their long life, increased durability under cyclic use conditions as well as for their low maintenance requirements, providing you a cost effective energy solution.

Their optimum design, according to DIN international standards, their robust construction and the state of art manufacturing process, make OPzV / OPzS battery an ideal solution for renewable energy market.
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Electronic instruments
  • Fire alarm and security devices
  • UPS power supply
  • Solar power system
  • Wind power system
  • The battery has a long service life, under float charging, ambient temperature 25°C, it can operate 15-20 years.
  • High cycle service life.
  • Excellent recovery from deep discharge and good deep discharge cycle capability.
  • The battery has a low self-discharge, keep over 60% of the rated capacity after 2 years stored under 20°C.
  • Better temperature resistance performance.
  • Excellent deep cycle performance.
  • Superior low current discharge performance.
  • Better high temperature performance.
  • Stronger constant power discharge capability.
  • Better charge reception capability.
  • Better safety performance and reliability.
  • Modular and personified installation design.